The turn Pete took…

Now recruiting environmental genii for the H2onestly genie bottle

Hello to my legion of blog readers! I hope you’re both well!

But this time it’s not just bad but grimly honest japes, I’ve also got some news – since my last post, I’ve quit my job as a government regulator, began a nerdy PhD with UTS in Sydney, and kicked off a brand new, equally nerdy consultancy, H2onestly.

All of that happened last week, so in the second week of course I blogged about it.

What I’m proposing to do for the PhD is to trial collaborative modelling within a planning approval process for a new mine.  If it works it will give communities a much better understanding and a real say in how and whether major new developments are developed, while at the same time greatly improving the way the proposals are investigated, assessed and designed. I’ll post more on the PhD moonshot when blog energies permit.

In the madly missing meantime, I will finally be launching the new boutique consultancy I’ve dreamed of for so long, H2onestly, to fund my wilful ways.  The offering is very specific, we want to help enviro-regulatory agencies do their jobs better with big-data, better analysis and transparent decision-support platforms.   There’s a lot of low-hanging improvements available and needed, and I am hoping that my extensive connections in the Australian environmental regulatory world can help make it happen.

I’m writing this blog because H2onestly will first of all be hunting for paying regulatory improvement projects and once I’ve found these, I will need help in completing them.

In some cases I will be asking for advice on how to approach issues that you might be more familiar with or in others it might be invitations to actually complete a project or a task on a freelance basis.  I’m essentially trying to build an ecosystem of clever, ethical environmental analysts who are keen to work in teams to help regulators do their jobs better and make better decisions about how our remaining resources are allocated.  I’ll then broker and package these expert services to the regulatory agencies, most of whom need us but don’t know it yet – it will not be linear success, but it should be fun.

So I’m reaching out now to get an idea of who is at least hypothetically interested in this kind of work/approach. I’m now actively looking for an online tribe of freelancers who want to work with me to do clever analysis for the (subjectively) good guys, and get paid for it.  If this sounds like you, please comment below (I only think that you have to sign in when you do, because I understand technology too little to be sure, but please persist) with some details and I’ll get back to you.

I’m keen to meet super physics and social scientists, legal stalwarts, policy wonks, really any skilled analysts with expertise in environmental, community relations and regulatory sectors.

The key qualification that I’m looking for is a demonstrated high standard of ethics, leaning on the side of the planet.

I would also greatly appreciate word of mouth to any like-minded souls, friends or associates which fit the bill, those that alight in your consciousness when you ponder the possibilities. We are looking for kindred professional souls, so please do spread this link with discernment.

If there’s enough interest voiced I’ll set up a private chat room where we can develop the ideas some more and hopefully start finding real projects in the coming months.

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